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Micro (U6-U7)

Micro Soccer (U6-U7)

BGSC U6/U7 Program Restructuring


Development of young athletes aged 5-7yrs is crucial in not only introducing the foundations of the game, but also ensuring the program engages the child’s passion for the sport.  Combining research from international organizations and our program’s core covenants, the Development staff have created a program to execute for the Fall 2016 season that fosters the principles of age appropriate development.  


Players in these age groups love to play and training sessions are based on imaginary games.  Players must spend the maximum amount of time possible in contact with the ball and feel a freedom to be creative and experiment by themselves.  The players must build relationships with other players and will be provided varied responsibilities to develop a sense of team.  Basic motor skills such as walking, running, jumping, changing direction, etc. will be combined with ball control, passing, receiving, and basic finishing.


Training sessions for U6 and U7 age groups will be based on a full season periodization program addressing the principles of development.  Development staff members will execute training sessions with the support of the team coaches assigned by the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club.   Facilities used for trainings will be school gymnasiums and will provide an intimate environment, enabling athletes to focus on their development. 


On Sundays, teams will be coached by their club coaches at an indoor field in Burnaby.  A “Game Day Package” outlining the format and procedures of game day will be provided to each team and the expectation of the club is that the procedures be followed.  Teams will spend approximately 30mins doing group work together that reinforces the key concepts of the weekly training session.  The final 30mins will be small sided games in a designated area appropriate in size for U6/U7 athletes.  Fun, teamwork, basic game understanding, and reinforcement of skills learned in training will be emphasized.  Winning and “losing” will NOT be the focus of competition days.  


The restructuring of the U6 and U7 program is aimed at providing a standardized approach to training and competitions.  Ensuring a positive environment that not only focuses on the age appropriate principles of play, but also connects to the future age group programming allows for a fluent transition 0f the club’s athletes.  Using imaginary play and interactive learning will enhance the athletes’ passion for the game and increase the potential for continued participation in the sport.