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Club Overview

BGSC Club Overview  
We are located in the community of Burnaby in the Province of British Columbia (click map) Canada. The City of Burnaby is the third largest municipality in Greater Vancouver, with a population of 195,000 and a growth rate of 5.8% since the mid-1980s. A sophisticated urban environment bordering on Vancouver, Burnaby is British Columbia's second major employment and business centre.

The core for high-tech research and development companies, Burnaby is home to both the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Simon Fraser University and has the third highest concentration of industrial floor space in the province. It also has the region's largest shopping centres and direct Skytrain rapid rail links to downtown Vancouver.

Recreational amenities include large parks, lakes, public and private golf courses and a variety of superb indoor recreational centres.

The ever expanding Burnaby Lake Sports Complex is host to the Vancouver Canucks training centre, 8 Rinks, as well as new Bill Copeland Ice Arena, home of Burnaby's Junior Hockey franchise, the Burnaby Bulldogs. The complex also contains grass and artificial turf sports fields for Soccer, field hockey and rugby, a swimming complex and tennis courts.

For a city of it's size, Burnaby boasts a number of undeveloped green spaces such as Central Park, Burnaby Lake and Burnaby Mountain, atop which can be found the Simon Fraser University. Central Park contains walking trails, picnic areas, a swimming pool and Swangard Stadium - home of the A-League Vancouver Whitecaps & Vancouver Breakers soccer teams.

Shopping? Dinner? Movies? Burnaby's Metrotown Centre, the largest shopping complex in Vancouver which is connected to the Eaton Centre via a skywalk. Featuring the spectacular new Rainforest Cafe and the METROPOLIS entertainment complex, the huge Metrotown shopping complex consists of three malls; Station Square on the west side, Eaton Centre in the middle and Metrotown Centre on the east--connected by a pedestrian bridge link. With more than 450 shops, 75 restaurants and 24 theatres, the size of the complex can be daunting. Shoppers are often seen puzzling over floor maps. There is free indoor and outdoor parking within the complex, as well as a Sky Train station and excellent bus connections.

Club Roles and Positions

Club Roles and Positions  
Executive (Elected)
Job Description
President of BGSC

Past President
Past President

Vice President Vice President

Treasurer Treasurer
Secretary Secretary


District Rep.
District Rep.




Position (Paid) Title Job Description
Club Manager
Field Scheduler and Contracts

Referee Coordinator
Referee Scheduler

Technical Director
Technical Director

Age Coordinators (Elected) Title
Job Description
U6 - U7 Coordinator
Micro Age Group Coordinators
Micro Coordinator
U8 - U10 Coordinator
Mini Age Group Coordinators
Mini Coordinator
U11 - U12 Coordinator
Super 8 Age Group Coordinators
Super 8 Coordinator
U13 - U18 Coordinator
Divisional Age Group Coordinators
Divisional Coordinator
Womens Coordinator

BGSC Club History

The BGSC was formed in the 1991/92 season as a group of parents and coaches interested in promoting girls soccer pushed for separation from the existing boys’ clubs in Burnaby. The girls from Edmonds, Burnaby Heights, South Burnaby, and Wesburn joined together under the banner of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club. Holding as its motto – A Place for Every Girl to Play – the club strived to offer a full program including mini soccer, and at the divisional level – Metro, Gold, and Silver teams.

In the fifteen+ years that has followed the club has grown from 300 players to 1000 – sent teams to National Championships – winning 3 times, won Provincial titles at the A and B levels as well as District, and League titles at every level. The club continually promotes all girls having the ability to compete at the level they chose, and are able to do so.

During these fifteen+ years there has been many enhancements. There has been additions to the Executive with now each age level from U6 through U18 has a rep compared to the start with one coordinator for U6 – 10 and one for U11 – 18. The commitment to excellence and participation has continued to be strong as Micro Soccer was introduced four years ago. Last season we saw teams move indoors for the first time, taking advantage of a local facility to provide our players with the opportunity to continue playing regardless of the conditions outside. As some clubs move toward larger teams with less opportunity for touch on the ball, the BGSC remains committed to allowing girls the best chance to develop by increasing touch on the ball with a progressive micro and mini system. Technical training has been introduced moving from two sessions per team to comprehensive program that involves a Technical Director with 4 – 6 week session for all players U6 –14. Recognizing the importance of training keepers, an eight -week training course has been provided for our Divisional teams. Coaches are supported through special sessions as well as funding for Coaching Certification.

Club events have grown and prospered. The 7 A-side Tournament began as a team fundraiser with 16 teams now has 40 teams and is recognized throughout the Lower Mainland. The Club Dance is in its sixth year and continues to grow in reputation. The Mini Festival to wind-up the season has expanded to include games, and events for all – with over 800 people were at Riverway.

We at the BGSC remain proud of our accomplishments and the traditions started by those founders years ago. We will remain committed to their vision, and thank all of those who have volunteered to organize, coach, and assist, in all forms to make the BSGC the force it remains today. We are Burnaby's only All Girls Soccer Club!