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Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Check

BGSC Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and other Volunteers

Burnaby Girls Soccer Club values the safety of its players and volunteers.  As such we require all our volunteers over the age of 19 to have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file with the club.

BGSC policy requires a CRC is updated every two years (which exceeds the BC Soccer requirement of every three years).

If your most recent CRC is set to expire before the end of the upcoming season, a new one will need to be completed.

The CRC will need to be completed at an RCMP detachment in the city you reside in.  If you reside in a city with a municipal police force (ie. Vancouver), you must complete your CRC with them.

Below you will find the following:

  • Instructions - for Burnaby residents to help make the CRC process a smooth one

  • Volunteer Fee Waiver Letter - you can present to your RCMP detachment.  This will work at any of the Burnaby RCMP detachments (and likely most other RCMP detachments).

DONWLOAD:  Instructions for Burnaby Residents

  BGSC Fee Waiver Letter

A municipal police force will require you to pay for your CRC.  BGSC will reimburse you for your CRC, just send us your receipt along with the original CRC document.

Please note, since you will be working with children, a Vulnerable Sector check is also required.

CRC forms are not availble online, but there are ample at your local RCMP detachment (or municipal police force).

A CRC belongs to the orgnization that requests it and it cannot be shared between organizations.  Unfortunately, digital copies are not acceptable.  You can forward the original CRC document by postal mail to:

Burnaby Girls Soccer Club
attn: Tom Berry
Box 1221
#234-4820, Kingsway Avenue
Burnaby BC  V5H 4P1

Alternatively, you may hand it to your age group co-ordinator 
in a sealed envelope.

If you have any questions, please e-mail clubmanager@burnabygirlssoccerclub.com

We thank you for not only respecting the CRC process, but also for volunteering your time to the BGSC.